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We are part of the UNICAPITAL investment group, which is focused on investments in the area of power engineering, agriculture, development, real estate and other, mainly conservative sectors. As a result, we have a strong background built on financial stability, quality workers and long-term relationships with our partners. The UNICAPITAL Group is part of a mixed holding body that also includes Banka CREDITAS a.s. The group manager is Pavel Hubáček. This group also forms a unit subject to supervision by the Czech National Bank on a consolidated basis.

At the end of 2017, power engineering made up 32% in the investment portfolio of UNICAPITAL Group. Companies operating in the area of energy distribution are covered by the division we call UNICAPITAL DISTRIBUCE, despite not being a company with a legal form. The distribution division is developing dynamically, which is evident in the number of connection points and reference projects in the portfolio.

UNICAPITAL DISTRIBUCE is managed by Chief Executive Officer Tomáš Novák together with Executive Director Richard Holešinský. The division covers several key companies within the group involved in energy distribution, mainly electricity. These are Českomoravská energetika,, Českomoravská distribuceand LDS Sever a LUDS. and all four subjects fall under UNICAPITAL ENERGY a.s. within the UNICAPITAL investment group.

Summary of the connection points | Development of the number of connection points

We are not the largest energy distributor, but we are an alternative for the best. Our partners include CTP Invest, TATRA, ABB, DHL or Honeywell.

Tomáš Novák chief executive officer


23. 4. 2018

There are four new distribution systems for ČME

The Českomoravská energetika (ČME) is still growing. The company has been granted licenses for four local distribution systems. These are new multifunctional complexes of Luka Living and Karolína Plazza in the capital. The other two systems provide electricity supplies in the industrial premises of GALL in Liberec and Akzo Nobel Coatings CZ in Opava.

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29. 9. 2017

Summer acquisitions of UNICAPITAL Distribuce

The power engineering division of the UNICAPITAL investment group is strongly expanding. Over the past few months, it has concluded several contracts for energy distribution to strategic partners. Through Českomoravská energetika s.r.o., it will supply electricity to the key Ostrava – Mošnov industrial zone.

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29. 5. 2017

Českomoravská distribuce s.r.o. has won the prestigious Microsoft Awards 2017 prize

Českomoravská distribuce, which is part of the power-engineering division of UNICAPITAL Group, was awarded for its project "Third-Millennium Office with a Hybrid Cloud Solution Using Microsoft Office 365, Project and Azure ".

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27. 2. 2017

Distribution system in TATRA Kopřivnice

Since the start of 2017, UNICAPITAL Energy has been supplying electricity to TATRA Kopřivnice, an important industrial complex in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

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26. 2. 2017

Rožnov pod Radhošťem residential project

We are preparing construction of a distribution system in the EDEN ROŽNOV residential project in Rožnov pod Radhošťem. Five houses with large apartments will be built in the first construction phase. The twenty-one apartments will have an area of about 100 m2 and will feature terraces. The buildings will be heated by heat pumps.

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25. 2. 2017

LDS Chrastava supplies an industrial zone in the Liberec region

UNICAPITAL Energy has invested in the purchase of power engineering infrastructure for electricity distribution in Chrastava near Liberec – LDS Chrastava, where we operate four transformer stations with a transmission capacity of 10 MW and a voltage capacity of 22.00 kV. The length of the cable network is 1.125 kilometres.

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