23. 4. 2018

There are four new distribution systems for ČME

The Českomoravská energetika (ČME) is still growing. The company has been granted licenses for four local distribution systems. These are new multifunctional complexes of Luka Living and Karolína Plazza in the capital. The other two systems provide electricity supplies in the industrial premises of GALL in Liberec and Akzo Nobel Coatings CZ in Opava.

In Prague, The Českomoravská energetika (ČME) holds a new license for a local distribution system in the modern residential complex Luka Living. This residential complex offers more than 200 apartments to rent, and provides 7,000 m² of commercial space within the business area. The distribution system in the complex includes a total of 253 supply points.

Karolína Plazza is also a new building. The complex of three buildings contains 150 apartments,office spaces and passageway with business premises. The Českomoravská energetika (ČME), in its two stages, has been building there a power distribution system with 55 supply points at its own cost and estimates a total consumption exceeding 1 GWh per year.

The Českomoravská energetika (ČME) acquired a license for the local distribution system in the industrial areas of GALL in Liberec in January 2018. GALL builds on the tradition of the production of bus axles and other products intended primarily for the automobile industry. The distribution system currently has 6 supply points.

The Akzo Nobel Coatings CZ industrial area in Opava, Komárov, is one of more than thirty foreign companies which the AkzoNobel Powder Coatings from the Netherlands has deployed all around the world. The production is specialized in solvent-free and volatile powder coatings, products are also used for home appliances, automobile and many other industries. The Českomoravská energetika (ČME) holds a license for a local distribution system in the area, where, apart from Akzo Nobel, a number of other smaller companies are located.