29. 9. 2017

Summer acquisitions of UNICAPITAL Distribuce

The power engineering division of the UNICAPITAL investment group is strongly expanding. Over the past few months, it has concluded several contracts for energy distribution to strategic partners. Through Českomoravská energetika s.r.o., it will supply electricity to the key Ostrava – Mošnov industrial zone. The cutting-edge Maestoso Advanced Materials plant being built at this site will produce special steel and superalloys. The unique plant will provide jobs to dozens of people and plans to produce about 5,000 tons of highly specialised materials a year.

UCD has also taken over the distribution system in the industrial complex of the Bechovice Research Institute, a fully independent and internationally recognised and accredited high-voltage laboratory. The institute owns the largest Tesla transformer in Europe, which allows the creation of electrical discharges not seen anywhere else.

In August, through Českomoravská distribuce s.r.o., UNICAPITAL finished a transaction involving the purchase of another seven distribution systems from the CTP Invest development group. This acquisition confirmed the position of UNICAPITAL DISTRIBUCE as an essentially exclusive operator of distribution systems for the leader of the Czech market in industrial areas and real estate.