Distribution of energy by our own distribution systems

80 Distribution systems
4 000 Large energy consumers

Key companies

Our distribution systems supply energy to industrial companies, logistics centres, administrative buildings as well as residential districts. We have 4,000 permanent energy consumers and plan to double their number.

Selected reference projects

The UNICAPITAL DISTRIBUCE Group operates dozens of distribution systems with the total amount of distributed power exceeding 600 GWh. We supply energy to more than 4,000 permanent consumers throughout the Czech Republic.

1099 connection points
23 projects

Business, office
and retail buildings

We are involved in the production, operation and servicing of electricity distribution systems throughout the Czech Republic. Our important acquisitions in the area of business, office and retail buildings include the modern Avalon Business Centre in the centre of Plzeň, the large Galerie Šantovka shopping centre in Olomouc and the Brno Heršpická complex of administrative buildings.


The Avalon Business Centre is a facility with modern offices for lease in the centre of Plzeň with excellent accessibility. Avalon offers flexibility when designing the layout of the office, which leads to the maximum efficiency of the spaces. The companies will obtain a pleasant and representative environment for their employees and customers. There are 52 connection points and the transmission capacity is 10 MW.

Entry:November 2015
The share:100 %
Transmission capacity:10 MW
Connection points:52

Galerie Šantovka Olomouc

Galerie Šantovka is a large shopping centre in Olomouc. It offers 200 shops, restaurants, cafés, cinema, theatre, bowling and 2,000 parking spaces. There are currently 200 connection points and the maximum voltage level is 22 kV.

Entry:August 2013
Voltage level:22 kV
Connection points:200

Brno Heršpická

The Brno Heršpická local distribution system supplies electricity to a complex of administrative buildings on a distribution area of 4.5 hectares. The maximum voltage level is 22 kV. The developing Heršpická zone is an attractive area of about 25 hectares located between the historical centre and the southern part of the large urban ring.

Entry:August 2012
Voltage level:22 kV
Area:4.5 ha
1926 connection points
38 projects

Industrial parks
and logistics halls

Industrial zones are important consumers of our electricity mainly in north Bohemia and Moravia. We supply energy to the Ostrava Hrabová industrial park, Nupharo – the first technological park dedicated to direct current and smart energy in Ústí nad Labem, Tatra Kopřivnice and industrial firms such as Z-Group Steel Holding, Sandvik Chomutov Precision Tubes and Slévárna Chomutov.

NUPHARO Ústí nad Labem

NUPHARO in Ústí nad Labem is a new type of business park and innovation centre. It is the first technological park and a business incubator in the Czech Republic dedicated to the support of direct current and smart energy. There are currently 46 connection points and the transmission capacity is 10 MW.

Entry:November 2015
The share:100 %
Transmission capacity:10 MW
Connection points:46

Ostrava Hrabová

Ostrava Hrabová is a local distribution system situated in an industrial park. The distribution territory is 90 hectares and the maximum voltage level is 22 kV.

Entry:August 2012
Voltage level:22 kV
Area:90 ha
975 connection points
19 projects

Residences and
residential houses

Apartment complexes and family house developments are another pillar of our power distribution systems. One of the largest projects is the Nová Chýně Residence, where five construction stages are gradually being realised with a total of 544 connection points. Low-energy housing is the standard of the Brno Ponavia and Lužánky residential projects.

Rezidence Lužánky

The Rezidence Lužánky project in Brno offers a new housing concept with the use of contemporary trends that meet the requirements of the modern times. The apartment complex consists of three buildings connected in a single functional unit by the basement levels. It offers 94 residential units as well as commercial and office spaces. There are 121 connection points with a transmission capacity of 10 MW.

The share:100 %
Transmission capacity:10 MW
Connection points:121

Nová Chýně Residence

The Nová Chýně Residence is located in the southern part of the village of Chýně on the outskirts of Prague. The first stage involves 54 terraced houses. At this location, five construction stages will gradually be implemented with a total number of 544 connection points. Transformer station: 22/04 kV, with the power of 2 x 630 kVA; Transmission capacity: 5 MW.

The share:100 %
Transmission capacity:5 MW
Connection points:544