oaza-Krupka, a.s.

There are five distribution territories in the Czech Republic, of which the most important is Krupka in Ústecký Region with a transmission capacity of 40 MV. One of the most important customers of power distribution is Knauf Insulation and CzechPak Manufacturing, s.r.o.

Knauf Insulation in Krupka is one of the most modern production plant of thermal insulations from glass wool in Europe. They have produced 575 000 tons of insulation at an average bulk density of 13,9 kg/m3 in eight years of the existence of the company. In total, the output is, more than 41 000 000 m3 of insulation. Simply for a better idea: this amount would heat up about 300 000 family houses in a very high quality.

CzechPak Manufacturing, s.r.o. – the American company Merisant is a leader in the production and sale of low calorie sweeteners on the global market. In May 2008, Merisant founded a production plant in Teplice in Northern Bohemia. This plant is known under the name CzechPak Manufacturing, s r.o., which in September of the same year started the production of sweeteners in the form of tablets under its own brand names CANDEREL and EQUAL. At present, all production is exclusively for export.

Entry January 2018
The share 100 %
Voltage level 110.000 kV
Transmission capacity 46.580 MW

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In accordance with Article 25(12) of Act No. 458/2000 Coll. (the Energy Act), we assume the Rules for operating a distribution system (PPDS) of a distribution system operator directly connected to the transmission system in whose defined territory the respective power-engineering equipment or the connected area is located.

The current wording of the PPDS of the respective higher-level distributor is available on the links below: